target-logo JIAXING TARGET AUTO PARTS, LTD. is an experienced, wholly American-owned manufacturer of high-quality yet high-value mechanical components, machined and otherwise. Our focus is “one-stop” supply of short run and medium-sized batches to meet the needs of industrial clients worldwide. Though this includes service for many industries, much of our output is modified and safety-related automobile parts – off-road and motorcycles included. Our core advantages lie in precise processes and communication, carried out by experienced staff, across advanced machinery and equipment. Those features, combined with US-based R&D and production in China, enable us to consistently deliver great solutions with minimal lead time. In short, a “Fortune 500” level of product and service, with the attention and flexibility of an SME, which we in fact are.


Gary Gan


Oversees the company’s business process, and directly responsible for making strategic company plans, and the implement of management tools

Ken Ying

Purchasing Manager

15+ years' experience in machinery marked by high-efficiency in problem-solving

Bi Chuanguo

Engineering Director

20+ years' mechanical experience, both theoretical and practical, and proficient in cartographic softwares

He Junji

QA Manager

Primarily responsible for making appropriate inspection standard for customers and ensuring to deliver high-quality products