JIAXING TARGET AUTO PARTS, LTD. is an experienced, wholly American-owned manufacturer of high-quality yet high-value mechanical components, machined and otherwise. Our focus is “one-stop” supply of short run and medium-sized batches to meet the needs of industrial clients worldwide. Though this includes service for many industries, much of our output is modified and safety-related automobile parts – off-road and motorcycles included. Our core advantages lie in precise processes and communication, carried out by experienced staff, across advanced machinery and equipment. Those features, combined with US-based R&D and production in China, enable us to consistently deliver great solutions with minimal lead time. In short, a “Fortune 500” level of product and service, with the attention and flexibility of an SME, which we in fact are.

At TARGET, we know full well that it is people that make things happen, so we not only choose staff carefully but train them extensively, empower them to “take ownership” in their roles, and give them great resources to create with. These are a direct outgrowth of managerial philosophies we have inherited from both our American predecessor company, and like-minded TARGET CEO Gary Gan. Many companies say “we’re a team” or “we’re like one big family,” though that’s usually not the case. That American DNA comes from a long-running and highly successful family business in fact – a solid foundation upon which Gary and his team have built TARGET into what it is today. We’re a well-oiled machine in a family atmosphere, and take just as much pride in our work and reputation as any family business in the world.

Gary sets TARGET’s long-term strategy and implements business processes and managerial tools such as 5S, TS16949, and the company’s ERP system. He also has recruited a number of well-experienced staffs with similar thinking, who serve as leaders in their own right and actively grow that strong internal culture. Among them are Bi Chuanguo, who brings 20 years mechanical experience to his role as Engineering Director, while Ken Ying and Mr. He have 15 years and 10 years’ experience respectively in their positions as Purchasing Manager and QA Manager. In addition, all sales and service is consistently attentive and responsive, ensuring smooth communication and a minimal lead time.

TARGET knows that you in turn need to consistently deliver value to your customers, and to do that we need to provide value to you. Through knowing both your true needs and those of the end-user we provide you with precise solutions and comprehensive value, month in and month out. While others are thinking “win-win,” we’re thinking “win-win-win.” That’s the difference our clients know us for, and you will too. We warmly welcome your inquiry and RFQ, as we know that will be the start of a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship. Welcome!


    For clients, TARGET means more than just a “job well done.” To those that know us, it means “problems solved.” TARGET considers your all-around needs and meets them end-to-end with the highest standards of design, sourcing, production, QC/QA, and service. Our long road to get to the place we are now has at times been winding and difficult, but also scenic and fruitful.

    The story of how that level of trust has been and is earned daily is rooted in TARGET’s predecessor, DI-PRO – a long-running, family-owned, R&D-based truck parts manufacturer in the US.

  • ISO/TS 16949: 2009 CERTIFIED

    -TS16949 Certificates

After DI-PRO was purchased by the German firm Bendix, one of the world’s largest auto industry suppliers, several principals and key staff formed TARGET to be a specialist in two areas: firstly, in the development of off-road and motorcycle accessories; and secondly high-quality, low-run machined components for OEMs in numerous industries.By synergistic integration of resources inside and outside the company, both human and material, we deliver true “one-stop” delivery for these items.

It’s not just nurture though, but nature. TARGET has inherited a number of prominent and compelling traits through DI-PRO DNA that aren’t merely philosophy and internal culture, but instinctual. Among them, focus, a true desire for continuous improvement, and good, old-fashioned “stick-tuitiveness.” We have an eye towards detail, but also an eye towards the future and a desire to not only get the job completed but completed better each time.

In short, the TARGET brand story can be summed up this way: we don’t just aim – we hit the target. And we don’t just hit the target, we hit a moving target. Your target. Consistently. Bullseye.


Gary Gan


Oversees the company’s business process, and directly responsible for making strategic company plans, and the implement of management tools

Ken Ying

Purchasing Manager

15+ years' experience in machinery marked by high-efficiency in problem-solving

Bi Chuanguo

Engineering Director

20+ years' mechanical experience, both theoretical and practical, and proficient in cartographic softwares

He Junji

QA Manager

Primarily responsible for making appropriate inspection standard for customers and ensuring to deliver high-quality products