Braking function is critical for safety, making the reliability of all brake parts critical as well – brake chambers included. TARGET spring-actuated brake chambers are therefore made to exacting specifications, and backed by strict quality control to exceed customers’ needs every time. TARGET offers both single and double-chamber cylinders, each offered with a wide choice of varying specifications (see below).

Our predecessor company specialized in brake chambers, and TARGET’s founders have therefore brought their extensive experience to us and put it to full use. These chambers are not only excellent quality but highly cost-effective, owing to efficiency on the factory floor and a long useful lifespan for the product itself. For normal usage, this item carries a comprehensive one-year warranty, and even for off-road or more extreme applications is fully covered for one year.

These brake chambers have been strong sellers in Europe, the Americas, and Australia for many years and it’s not hard to see why. With excellent after-sales service available round-the-clock, a lead time of just 35 days, various accessories on offer and an MOQ of just 20 pieces, TARGET spring-loaded brake chambers are the obvious choice to carry on the shelf because they’re the obvious choice for your customers’ needs.”