ISO/TS 16949: 2009 CERTIFIED

Some offer form over function, others function over form. We at TARGET, however, consider both and it shows with our high-end lineup of different aftermarket, steel-tube front, rear, and side-impact bumpers. They are ideally suited to virtually any pickup truck or off-road vehicle on the market. Bringing exacting designs to life with specially formed, cold-drawn carbon structural steel put through precise manufacturing processes, they exceed the highest requirements of even the harshest environments. Also, although surface marks from drawing, bending or hole-making processes are common for items such as this, they are something we are careful to avoid.

Strict adherence to the TS16949 management system, among others, makes getting it right on the first pass highly likely. In the event anything is less than perfect, though, it is certain to be caught not just before reaching you but before leaving our doors, because careful QC procedures are firmly in place. What’s more, taking regular feedback from both end-users and direct clients, and making designs and design changes accordingly is what feeds the continuous improvement cycle for this product line (just like all our offerings!).

Order today and see what customers worldwide have already discovered. With the above-listed advantages, no MOQ for existing models, a full warranty, and a lead-time of 30 days from order to shipment TARGET steel-tube bumpers are your answer for replacement or upgrade of your off-road vehicle.”